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There's half a cheese sandwhich in this vessel

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Im english by birth, american by upringing and canadian in soul - i intend to move there in 7 years(ie when im 30 so yes that would make me early twenties)

Aspiring writer and poet, not a very good one but I try and the journal is somewhere for me to get feedback on what I write and a place for my musings. Warnings-I studied as a psychologist so if my rants seem a little......odd...thats my only excuse. And yes, the most annoying thing on the planet is when people find out what I trained in and ask me "ooohh are you analysing me now??" 'cos yes I am, and you're an imbecile. It is however fun when people ask what I read to freak them out that normal bedtime reading for me is "Inside the Mind of a Murderer" At that juncture the little tumbleweed kinda bounces across.

Thus far my fandom writings are Harry/Draco and Jack/Daniel, RayK/Fraser, Jim/Blair and kinda dabbling my toes in the pool of Gibbs/DiNozzo. And just for the heck of it, I may even do some original stuff too.

Oh, and I intend on taking over the world. Just FYI.

(background courtesy of carma_chaos)